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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Introduction

Hi my name is Vijay Garg and I study in Ryan International In kharghar, India. I had failed in exams 2 times and I wanted to make a record of three . So please help me to fail


April Fool

Hey guys its 1st April. Firstly I wanted to wish all my viewers a very big and jolly Happy April Fool Day and secondly I wanted to wish my papa(father) a many many returns of the day and a happy birthday

My logics say that people born on this day are really a big fool except my father


Indian Women's Conversation is too long

Today I was in Vashi. While returning from Vashi to Panvel by train I saw two women talking on the topic of the serial of Saas and bahu(mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) and immediately they started talking on the politicians and started giving bad words to all politician, and just after the minute they started talking on the topic of food.
This conversation last for 30 minutes I got irritated and I strated recording all these stupid things for my post. But afterwards they caught me and shouted on me and told me to delete the video. Don't be sad I deleted only one video of 15 minutes but stillI am having the one video of only 1 minute enjoy it.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Review of the world biggest flop film 13B

These movie is a realy comedy horror movie.In this bollywood movie we saw that the phantoms are getting connected to humans through the T.V and at the end/climax of the movie they give us the point that the phantoms can also get connected to humans through Mobile Phones and Computers.
I suggest my readers that they should not watch these movie


Saturday, March 28, 2009


Knowing they wouldn’t be able to get rid of the death penalty altogether the The Maryland House of Delegates voted 87 to 52 today to approve some of the nation’s tightest restrictions on death penalty cases.
The measure will limit capital cases to those with biological or DNA evidence, a videotaped confession or a videotape linking the defendant to a homicide. Those are among the steepest hurdles faced by prosecutors in the 35 states that have a death penalty.
“You have cleverly and successfully killed the death penalty in Maryland,” said Del. Patrick L. McDonough (R-Baltimore County), who argued that the bill’s restrictions are so strict that prosecutors will not be able to bring capital cases.
That was the point of it, to get rid of the death penalty without actually getting rid of it made it more likely to pass.It’s cheaper.
It’s the weekend African teams are vying for one of 5 spots for the WC.FIFA.Hell with basketball this is all I care about.
Sudan’s Haytham Kamal Tambal fights for the ball agaiCairo,World Cupnst an unidentified Chadian player during their group ten African Nations Cup qualifying match for the 2010 World Cup in Cairo on September 6, 2008.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review of Age Of Empire II

Age of Empire II is the best game for the students of Std.IX in India. It helps the students to get more knowledge in history. I suggest all of you that you should play Age Of Empire II The Conquerors Expansion. Tell me if you want the cheats and tricks for this game.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Student's sexual harassment in my school

I am the student of St.Joseph’s High School CBSE, which is famous all over the India. This school is really best but some students are the worst. During lunch break when the smaller boys go to washroom or toilet, the groups of the elder boys of Std.IX abuse them. The names of the leaders of these groups are:-
1. Shashant
2. Sudipto
3. Abhishek

Sexual harassment in school premises is just a curse for students who are there to study not to cut capers. These rascals not only harass but also threaten the victim not to tell the teachers and guardians. Nobody even dare to raise the vice against them but I am making a start to give word of those dumb feelings. We will make a change, I do believe.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome to Chhichhore's world

दोस्तों नाम अजीब सा लगता है और जो बड़े लोग खुद तो दुनिया भर के झूठ बोलते हैं और ढकोसले करते हैं लेकिन उम्र में बड़े होने के कारण अपने विचार हमारे ऊपर थोपते हैं। हम उनके ढकोसलों को यहां सबके सामने खोल कर उनके खोखलेपन की धज्जियां उड़ाएंगे। ये खोखले लोग हमारे टीचर्स से लेकर पड़ोसी तक हो सकते हैं। लेकिन ध्यान रहे कि हम लोग सिर्फ़ सच बोलते और लिखते हैं किसी को नीचा दिखाने के लिये बस ऐसे ही झूठमूठ नहीं ब्लेम करते। लोगों की मक्कारी सबको बताइये लेकिन आपके सच को सिद्ध करने के सबूत के साथ लिखिये।
keep writing to uncover the hidden truth behind the hollow personalities of our olders. If they are older in age it is not necessary that they are respeclable because mafia don Dawood Ibrahim and Osama Bin Laden are older to us. Some of our stupid neighbours are doing wrong deeds and older, Age factor does not work to get respect; what we do that is important.
come and join hands with this hard hitting and ass kicking blog to masked people to uncover their mask.
Let's move.........


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